Doctor that declared Trump as being in ‘excellent health’ spotted driving brand new Ferrari

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The physician who conducted Donald Trump’s first presidential medical on Friday has been seen tearing around town in some fancy new wheels, according to reports.

The doctor, Chuck Williams MD, who coincidentally happens to be a close personal friend of Donald Trump’s for many years, was sighted wearing a Hugo Boss suit, a Rolex watch and wheel spinning a brand new Ferrari LaFerrari around Washington DC in the early hours of this morning.

One eyewitness, who is also a patient of the doctor told us, “It was definitely him. But I’d never seen him like this before.

“He had the kind of mad grin on his face that you would have if you’d just looked at your bank account and seen a million dollars in there that certainly wasn’t there a few days ago.”

The doctor addressed press yesterday to divulge the results of the exam, which surprised many by showing Trump as ‘a healthy 71-year-old’.

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White House alternative fact peddler Sarah Sanders played down rumours of bribery saying, “There is nothing suspicious or underhand about this at all. Lots of doctors have Ferraris, and now this one does, too.

“It’s just that this doctor recently, er, inherited some money from a distant aunt. Yes, that’s it.

“As for the medical showing Donald Trump as healthy, well this is hardly surprising given all of his regular exercise and the strict vegan diet to which he adheres.

“Or maybe it’s the way he avoids stress by playing golf all the time, who knows.”