Entire government to resign after ‘obscene’ images of people sleeping rough emerge

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The entire government is to hand in its resignation after ‘obscene’ images of people having to sleep on the streets in a wealthy democracy emerged.

Theresa May admitted she could not explain the ‘disgusting’ pictures of men, women and teenagers forced to sleep in shop doorways in a number of locations like Birkenhead, Manchester and London.

Police have used a grading system for the images ranging from Category 1 – sitting outside Costa Coffee with a dog – to Category Five – being urinated on by a banker in an alleyway.

Poverty porn expert, Simon Williams, said, “These heartrending images of lives shattered by austerity make the traditional porn found on Damian Green’s computer seem positively vanilla.

“You know a government’s moral integrity is in tatters when the best thing you can find to say about a departing government minister is ‘at least it didn’t involve kids’.”

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Williams insists if you want to see what’s truly obscene in the Britain of 2017, you don’t have to look very far.

“This stuff is everywhere,” he told us. “You are bombarded with it on your way to work or during your lunch break. Every time you leave the house, in fact.

“You don’t even need a broadband connection.”

When confronted with literally thousands of pictures of homeless people on the streets of Britain in a variety of poses, Theresa May said she had no idea how they got there.

The PM later admitted her government could not carry on after being shown a picture entitled ‘two girls, one sleeping bag’.

However, Tory voter, Dave Fielding, said, “These sluts will do anything for timely Universal Credit payments.”

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