Blackface still funny, insist morons

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White people putting on make-up to look like black people is absolutely hilarious, according to the nation’s simpletons this morning.

After a bookmaker published a photo of a white man dressed as Diane Abbott replete with blackface at the World Darts Championships, many have insisted it is the funniest thing the nation has ever seen.

Moron Trevor Matthews told us, “Yeah, I saw it, hilarious – he had a black face because Diane Abbot is a black person. Isn’t that funny! I couldn’t stop laughing at it – it’s funny because he’s NOT black. Do you get it?”

Comedy ‘expert’ and regular blackfacer Simon Williams told us, “It’s just so much easier than making an actual joke.

“You just get a bit of brown or black face paint, lather it on, then affect a poor approximation of what I imagine a Jamaican accent to be. Hilarious!”

After seeing the blackface at the darts championships, Williams went on, “I think he did a cracking job actually, particularly when closing his eyes as he applied the make-up – that’s a big mistake to avoid for anyone out there considering blackface themselves. Take it from someone who has got that bit wrong a few times.”

However, non-morons have suggested that blackface should maybe be consigned to the history books, along with scurvey and jokes about the ‘darkies’.

As one explained, “A card with 190 on it isn’t actually a terrible gag about Diane Abbott, but to sit there and think that blackface is the thing that will really knock it out of the park takes some pretty wrongheaded thinking.

“But then, this was at the darts, not a Mensa meeting.”