Britain First apoplectic as black Muslim immigrant wins Sports Personality of the Year

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Racist simpletons have been left apoplectic as a black immigrant Muslim won Sports Personality of the Year on the BBC last night.

Mo Farah crowned an amazing year by securing the win after the public voted him as their choice for Sports personality for 2017 – despite not being white, Christian or born here.

Britain First spokesperson Simon Williams told us, “I don’t understand what’s happening, don’t these people realise that all Muslims are rapist terrorists coming over here to kill us all in our sleep?

“Why won’t you people listen to Jayda and Paul when they try to warn us all during the brief periods when they’re not in police custody?

“I can’t believe so many British people have been lulled in by the only Muslim in the country who hasn’t tried to blow himself up on a bus yet. They must be putting something in the water.”

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Britain First leader Paul Golding was asked for comment, but couldn’t quite articulate any words due to his face angrily contorting into something like a melting fist holding some teeth.

However, voters for the award have told racists, bigots and Daily Mail readers to ‘suck it up buttercup’.

As one told us, “I voted for Mo, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. He’s a great example to all young people interested in sports.

“Plus, it was a public vote, and the will of the people is that Mo Farah is this country’s sports personality of the year.

“We won, you lost, so get over it snowflake.”