All TV to cease production for a year so you can catch up

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No new TV shows will be made for a whole year, so you can finally catch up on everything.

With the absolute shower of quality television shows that have been made in the last ten years, absolutely everybody has at least five television series they keep meaning to watch but never get around to because something new pops up to watch in their limited spare time.

“I keep meaning to get around to Mad Men, but then they released The Punisher so I watched that instead,” said telly addict, Simon Williams.

“Then I found out about Better Call Saul, which I have to watch because I loved Breaking Bad, so that’s now gone ahead of Mad Men.”

“And now there’s going to be a new series of Black Mirror so I’ll have to make time for that, which means I’ll either have to not watch Better Call Saul or cancel my weekend with the kids; and I’m not about to give my ex-wife the satisfaction, quite frankly.

“So I’m delighted to hear they will be making nothing new for a while. We’ve got far too much stuff as it is, and this break will allow me to wade through around 5% of it.”

TV producer, Jay Cooper, said, “It’ll be nice for us all to take a long holiday while the rest of you catch up on our output from the last few years.

“We’re not even going to make new episodes of the news. We’ll just have a rolling compilation of Donald Trump saying stupid things, which is basically all the news is now anyway.”