Games Workshop employee now qualified childminder

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An employee of the hobby brand Games Workshop has spent so much time looking after other people’s kids he is now qualified to do it professionally.

Since they appeared in the 1990’s, Games Workshop stores across the country have been a popular drop-off point for parents wishing to do some weekend shopping on their own without dragging around a miserable child who believes he is being tortured.

The government has now chosen to include these retail workers as university-equivalent childminders under UCAS guidelines.

The Hull branch of Games Workshop where Simon Williams works on a Saturday morning is packed, as is usual at this time of year.

He explained, “We arrived at 8.30am to find a queue of parents outside anxious to start their shopping the very moment they could foist their kids up on us.

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“In the six hours since then, I’ve cleared up five drink spills, broken up two fights and had to remove a scenery brush lodged in someone’s ear canal. I’ve sold very few actual toys.

“So, as you can probably imagine, I’m really glad to hear that my experience in looking after other people’s children will be officially recognised in the industry, and hopefully lead to a less challenging job in a nursery.

“Or at least somewhere that has less super glue available.”

One parent commented, “Its central location is very handy, and it’s much cheaper than hiring a fully qualified childminder.

“Unless my son wants to buy something, in which case it works out much, much more expensive.”