Wednesday 29 November 2017 by Chris Hoar

Man subjected to unwanted verbose response after he greeted work colleague with “how you doing?”

Bored man at work

Office worker, Simon Williams is today recovering from an encounter with a work colleague, after he mistakenly thought a cursory greeting would be responded to with an equally limited response.

Speaking from his home in Wiltshire, Simon said, “The way it escalated was a nightmare, and totally out of my control.

“I had been working solidly for a couple of hours, when I decided I wanted to stretch my legs and maybe get a cup of overpriced rancid coffee. You know, just to shake it up a bit.

“When I approached the vending machine I saw Lucy there. I don’t really know her, but I did know she was pregnant because I was guilt tripped into contributing to a collection for her.

“As I got closer I innocently nodded and said ‘Hey, how you doing?’, expecting a response like ‘Yeah good, you?’, the sort of thing any normal person would say.

“That was the last thing Lucy was going to do, however. For the next 20 minutes, I was subjected to a list of pregnancy-related ailments, none of which I was even remotely interested in, or understood.

“Even though I pointed my feet away from her, and started edging back, to the point of opening the door, she still continued to talk at me. I was a prisoner, stunned, deprived of my freedom, and weighed down by biological information that confused and distressed me.

“From now on I’m going to take a flask to work with me, I can’t go through something like that again.”

“How you doin’? (be brief, I’m really not that interested)” – get the t-shirt!

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