Sovereignty of parliament not that important when it’s inconvenient to our argument, insist Brexiters

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Brexiters have today confirmed that sovereignty of parliament is sacrosanct, except when it might prove to be mildly inconvenient to them personally.

After spending a referendum campaign insisting that parliament should be sovereign and that the EU threatening that was a threat to our way of life, Brexiters have today explained the sovereignty has a time and a place, and it’s not here and now when parliament is demanding to see the complete Brexit Impact Assessments.

“Nothing should overrule parliament, which is, of course, our elected house and the seat of the democratic process in this great nation of ours,” explained one senior Brexiter inside the government.

“Except of course if parliament wants to do something that could prove to be a bit embarrassing, or could make things I’ve said in the past look a little bit like ‘lies’.

“If that’s going to happen, then I strongly suggest we just brush all this sovereignty stuff under the carpet until a more convenient time – like when we’re telling you that the EU is taking it away.

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With MPs still waiting for the full details of the Brexit Impact Assessments they were promised weeks ago, remain supporters have said the developments could lead to a world-record sized ‘I told you so’.

Remain voter Simon Williams said, “Look, I get it, releasing the Brexit impact studies – in full – is going to be hugely embarrassing for a government that has consistently downplayed the consequences of ‘no deal’.

“Having your bluff called on the world stage could be a career-ending incident, so they do have my sympathies.

“But, as the old saying goes, they made their bed, so now its time to lie in it while the world laughs heartily in their general direction.”