Dragging Britain out of the EU is far more important to me than ever becoming PM, insists Corbyn

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Jeremy Corbyn has today clarified that if it comes down to it, he’d rather be the leader of the opposition in Brexit Britain than potentially lead a country that could still be part of the EU.

The Labour leader, who mysteriously seems no longer to be surrounded by hourly chants of ‘Ooh, Jeremy Corbyn’ appears reluctant to listen to the thousands of supporters begging him to challenge Brexit instead of just going along with the Conservatives’ push for an exit at any cost; a decision which may scupper his chances of ever becoming Prime Minister.

Political commentator Christopher James explained, “What with the European Medical Agency leaving London, rising inflation and the fall in the value of the pound, not to mention the rising cost of the Brexit bill, the general consensus of opinion among Labour members and supporters is that Brexit is a terrible idea, being handled terribly.

“If Corbyn just dropped his own views on Brexit slightly, he would realise that by opposing Brexit entirely he would gain so many extra voters from other parties like the Lib Dems that he could probably cause another general election and stroll into Number Ten.”

He added, “But it seems he’d rather Britain pulled out of the EU so he can continue to vie for a ‘jobs first’ Brexit under Labour. And no one knows exactly how that is supposed to happen.

“Personal views, eh? Not always what you want.”

Jeremy Corbyn refused to comment, other than to say a ‘jobs first’ Brexit under Labour is entirely possible, pausing only to look at some pigs gliding by overhead.