Brexit legislation written entirely in Comic Sans

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The legislation for Brexit is written in the world’s worst font.

Having begun work on the legislation a mere 500 or so days after they were told they had to, MPs were surprised to see the legislation took a fairly breezy tone, as well as being written in Comic Sans.

“It’s not what we’d usually expect, but then that’s Brexit,” shrugged MP, Simon Williams.

“The documentation also uses the word ‘whatever’ rather more than I’d hoped – in fact, it’s the title of many of the appendices.

“I appreciated the little cartoon of Theresa May throwing a grenade into the EU parliamentary chamber, but I’m not sure how that helps us understand anything.

“It’s almost as if this whole thing has been written by someone in a panic, with no real concept of what is required. I did enjoy the dot-to-dot on page 48 though. Turns out it was Boris Johnson thumping a German.”

A spokesperson for the Tory party said, “we worked jolly hard on this, you know.

“You try making a picture of Jean-Claude Juncker entirely out of pasta. We had to send out for more glue.”