Blue Planet saving ‘biggest surprises’ for last ever episode

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The last episode of the Blue Planet series will look at how human activity can affect the ocean, such as reading the Necronomicon and wakening Cthulhu.

Attenborough will warn that reading the tome of the insane Al-Hazred could cause the oceans to turn to boiling blood and release the Flying Polyps, with potentially devastating consequences to coastal communities and coral reefs.

The episode, to be titled “The Doom that came to Attenborough”, will absolutely be the last one with little chance of another series being produced.

Sending submarines to the lightless corpse-trenches of the South Pacific, producers hope to raise awareness of the risks of disturbing that which should be allowed to slumber, whilst also getting the very first – and very last – footage of the depth-girt cities of Dagon and Hydra.

“Here, in the sunken city of Rl’yeh, dwell some of the most remarkable creatures of all”, said Attenborough in his trademark breathy, wonder-filled tones.

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“In even the darkest, most blasphemous depths, life thrives”, he added as the submersible and all its crew were overwhelmed and consumed by Elder Things.

“Amongst these shattered pillars and unholy, flooded temples, a world which would drive any sane man into drooling insanity and despair broods, waiting to be seen.

“Look”, he added. “Look.”

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