Media blamed for British-Iranian Mum’s extended jail sentence after accurately reporting words said by Boris Johnson

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The British media has been branded irresponsible after its accurate reporting of words said by Boris Johnson could lead to an extended jail sentence for a British-Iranian woman in Iran.

Mr Johnson remarked in a public forum that the woman ‘was probably just doing some light spying’ and then made reference to ‘camel-jockeys.’

The media then reported this, seemingly without a care for the implications of doing so.

“It was extremely irresponsible of the media to accurately report words said by Boris Johnson,” said Simon Williams, an expert in diplomacy.

“Literally everything the man says is a major diplomatic incident, and for the media to accurately report it could lead to Britain becoming pariahs on the world stage.

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“Well, even more so.”

Mr Williams had some very clear advice on how the media should report the Foreign Secretary.

“Simply say that the Foreign Secretary spoke, and do not expand on it at all. No, actually just say ‘a man called Boris said something.’ No, better still, ‘a fat, clueless buffoon made a primitive attempt at communication,’ and leave it at that.”

Boris Johnson also criticised the media for their irresponsibility.

“Ah. Yes. Media Johnnies. Foolish all round. I apologise to the family in question for the media’s catastrophic blunder in reporting what I said.”

Mr Johnson then went on to call Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani a ‘pooftah,’ suggested that everyone in the middle east had physical relations with goats and soiled himself.