Donald Trump insists Texas mass-shooting caused by dangerous lack of guns

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Twenty-six deaths in a Texas church could have been averted had there been more guns in the congregation, the President of the United States insisted today.

Authorities say Devin Kelley fired at least 450 rounds of ammunition at worshippers in Sunday’s attack at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, but would not have been able to do so if more churchgoers had been armed.

Responding to a question from a journalist, Trump said that those in the church would have been unharmed had some inside just opened fire first.

“The fact is that had the preacher been armed, he could have seen a weird guy approaching and shot him in the face, then perhaps again in the belly or in the testis,” he told the gathered press.

“Then other citizens could have joined in, shooting from the cover of the pews, or behind the organ, with a mix of small arms and rifles.

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“This whole incident would have been defused in a flash.”

The NRA has backed the president’s calls for guns to be more freely available in public places, to avoid such tragedies happening again.

“The communists and liberals would have you believe that we should try and prevent our children from defending themselves using guns, landmines and grenades,” said an NRA spokesperson.

“We’ve worked incredibly hard with previous administrations to make it incredibly straightforward to get a gun, so more people should take advantage of their availability.

“Kelly was too unstable for the Air Force, yet he had no trouble legally acquiring a gun with which to shoot people in this church.

“It’s a doddle, honest.”