Woman who said she ‘didn’t mind’ revealed to have minded a great deal

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In a shocking turn of events, a Basingstoke woman has been revealed as caring a great deal about something she had previously claimed not to care for at all.

Sharon Williams, 38, had explained to her husband that she ‘didn’t care’ what he put on the telly while they ate their dinner, a position her husband had taken literally, much to his cost.

Simon chose to select Alien vs Predator from his online movie account, insisting it would be ‘good fun and quite exciting while we ate our spag bol’.

However, his wife Sharon was less than enthusiastic about his decision.

She told reporters, “How could he possibly think that Alien vs Predator is something I would want to watch over dinner? How is that even remotely something he might think?”

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Simon replied, “She said she didn’t care what we watched, so I foolishly thought that meant that she didn’t care what we watched. I know, it was a rookie mistake, and one I will try not to make again.”

Sharon added, “Look, when I am presented with a choice, and I say ‘I don’t mind’, what I’m actually saying is ‘you should be able to read my mind and decide for yourself which is my preferred choice in this particular situation’.

“If you’re not able to discern from my many non-verbal clues precisely the sentiment I am trying to convey, then how is that my fault?

“Or he could just learn to read my mind. I don’t think that’s too much to ask from a husband.”