‘Still too soon to discuss gun control,’ says Trump, immediately ordering extreme vetting of immigrants

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Although two months after the Las Vegas shooting is still “too soon” to discuss gun control, just a few hours passing since the New York truck attack by a suspect from Uzbekistan is enough time to immediately order extreme vetting of immigrants, according to President Trump.

The clampdown on mainly Muslim immigrants by the Department of Homeland security was ordered just hours after the attack in lower Manhattan, which killed eight people, whilst the shooting dead of 58 people in Las Vegas on 1st October by a white man has been met with a shrug and a “These things happen – what can you do about it?”

The President continued, “There are no easy solutions to mass shootings.

“Unless the guy doing them is a Muslim. Then I’ll tweet my easy solution within minutes. I won’t even need all 140 characters. It’s that simple.”

With a 90% chance of a mass shooting in the US every single day, the question of when it won’t be “too soon” to discuss gun control remains unanswered.