Donald Trump solemnly dedicates round of golf to the memory of fallen soldiers

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As the row over his treatment of war widows shows no sign of abating, the White House has claimed that Donald Trump’s decision to play golf while the soldiers killed in Niger were being buried, was actually a poignant and dignified tribute for those who had made the ultimate sacrifice.

Chuck Williams, the assistant Press Secretary for Donald Trump, denied Mr Trump was uninterested in soldiers beyond photo ops.

He told reporters, “President Trump is not a beltway insider. Career politicians might mark the burial of a fallen hero by attending the funeral, visiting Arlington cemetery or making a speech to the troops.

“Others prefer to mark the occasion by tweeting insults to a black woman and playing a quick 18 holes at their favourite links course. You can be sure he thought of those brave soldiers with every emotional swing.

“The President believes it is a completely appropriate way to commemorate the devotion of the courageous patriots who wear the uniform because he understands them.

“As a man who was once caught in that nasty sand-trap on the 12th hole, he knows a thing or two about fighting through desperate situations. And he got out, unlike some whiny senators who couldn’t even elude Vietnamese farmers.”

The statement got a mixed reception in the press with Fox News calling the golf game “a moving testimony to Donald’s Trump moral courage and inspiring leadership”. Whereas CNN deemed it to be “callous bullshit from a narcissistic sociopath who would piss on the Unknown Soldier’s flame just to keep his tiny dick warm.”