Theresa May’s EU ‘Come Dine With Me’ special to be shown on Chanel 4 tonight

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The prime minister’s dinner with top EU officials will be broadcast this evening as part of Channel 4’s long-running series, in a television event described as ‘comedy gold’.

The Junker – Barnier household hosted the event in Brussels, where the two served the prime minister cuisine from across the continent.

Although details of the show are being kept secret, the three-course meal is expected to start with a humble pate designed to reflect the crushing of the UK’s standing in the world.

The main course will be slow cooked pulled pork, as a reference to the slow unravelling of all the promises made by Brexiters about the outcome of EU negotiations.

The final course will be a light sponge pudding, shaped in a ring, with a crown of walnuts, representing how the UK is about to be royally fucked by crashing out of the EU.

Speaking yesterday before the recording, Theresa May said, “I am very much looking forward to going to Brussels for a constructive meal.

“My position on Brexit is clear, and that is I have no idea what Brexit actually is. I am hoping, however, that during the comedy banter, I may be able to get some idea.”

Tomorrow Junker & Barnier will visit London, where May will serve them three courses of Brexit Britain’s best produce. They have been advised to eat before they arrive.