ISIS accused of crimes against humanity after covering their retreat with scattered lego

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ISIS has been accused of acting inhumanly after covering their retreat from Raqqa by scattering Lego on the ground.

The terror group have resorted to desperate tactics after being driven from their last major stronghold, with international observers confirming that the use of Lego in conflict violates the Geneva convention.

Lego has been classified as a torture method by everyone who has ever had small children and a need to get up in the night without putting the light on.

“ISIS is well known to be full of utter bastards but this takes it to a whole new level,” said embedded on-the-spot reporter Simon Williams.

“They know that forces against them are often badly equipped and an entire division can be halted by the threat of treading on one of those four-square blocks barefoot.

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“Even people in trainers and other thin-soled shoes can be – ow! Jesus! Fuck me! Ow!”

The United Nations has censured Denmark for supplying Lego to known terrorists, saying they should stick to normal weapons like everyone else.