Last man to remember James Corden saying something funny dies aged 103

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The last man in Britain to remember James Corden saying something genuinely entertaining has died of old age, relatives have announced today.

George Williams, 103, was the last known survivor of an era when Corden was funny, rather than just very, very lonely and attention-seeking.

“I remember it so well,” said Williams in an interview shortly before his death. “There was me, and Bungo and Ginger and Whoopsie all gathered around the wireless as that was all we had in them days, you understand.

“And then up pops James with a joke about one of his characters being appointed England football coach and we all roared – roared – with laughter. We said he was the funniest fellow in the land, that we did.

“It was a gentler, happier era, before all the pathetic neediness brought it all crashing down. We all lost so much,” he added, brushing away a tear.

When told that Williams had passed away, Corden said with an impish twinkle that Williams had been a ‘fat spawny-eyed, goggle-faced twat’, followed by an air of surprise when nobody laughed.