Donald Trump calls the Queen ‘a failing loser’

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Donald Trump has reacted to losing his state visit to the UK by deriding the ‘failing monarchy’ that is led by the ‘loser’ queen.

The US President’s state visit has been downgraded amid fears of mass protests by the British public, and he has reacted with all the statesmanlike grace we have come to admire.

“The failing monarchy is losing fans at a record rate, so sad,” Trump tweeted to his followers.

“The loser Queen is on her way out, big time.”

The White House has been quick to add some context to the President’s comments, insisting that what he meant was that the Queen was a smelly poo-poo face for being mean to the President.

A weary spokesperson told us, “Donald Trump has accepted this affront like every other put-down he’s ever received, by lashing out on social media like the man-child that he so clearly is – just deal with it.”

The Queen herself has refused to comment officially, though one Palace insider told us that Prince Philip was quite prepared to ‘fuck his shit up’.