Man steadfastly refusing to believe it’s International Skeptics Day

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Basingstoke resident Simon Williams is steadfastly refusing to believe that it is International Skeptics Day, according to reports.

Williams has told friends that he is dubious that ‘International Skeptics Day’ is even a thing, never mind the fact that people are claiming it is today, 13th October.

He told us, “Look, I’m happy for people to claim anything they like, as long as they can back it up with evidence – but the evidence is extremely weak that today is International Skeptics Day.

“So you can point to a couple of websites claiming it’s today? Is that it? Really? There are more websites out there claiming that the Earth is flat, should we all start celebrating that now?

“I prefer to trust my own eyes, and they are telling me that my calendar makes no mention whatsoever of International Skeptics Day.

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“Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s just a con by a few charlatans preying on the feeble minded to make a few quid.”

Despite Williams’ assertions, those in the sceptical community have assured us the day is, in fact, real, and celebrated today.

Leading skeptic Dr Walter Matthews told us, “International Skeptics Day is a day where we celebrate skepticism in all its forms.

“Whether that’s debunking conspiracy theorists, or taking down snake-oil salesmen, or simply promoting evidence-based research in all aspects of modern life – we revel in all of it.

“And yes, it’s definitely today – but I wouldn’t worry about Simon’s position; in fact, by questioning the very existence of International Skeptics Day he’s celebrating it in the perfect way.”