Theresa May searching for best Brexit deal on market comparison sites

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Downing Street computer records show that the Prime Minister has desperately been typing ‘Brexit’ into a number of price comparison websites.

In recent weeks Ms May has been keen to stress that ‘no deal’ is better than a bad deal. However, few would have thought that ‘looking for the best deal’ meant a trawl of websites better known for insurance policies and hotel bookings.

A source close to the Prime Minister told us that, “One of her aides literally had to grab her hand to stop her clicking ‘buy now’ on one deal that would have severely restricted trading relationships and been disastrous for British jobs, investment and growth.

“The Prime Minister kept shouting, ‘But I get a free cuddly fox dressed up as Superman!’ It was quite sad to witness.”

This computer activity has come to light just as MPs call for Brexit Secretary David Davis to publish the advice his department has received on just how damaging leaving the EU will be to the British economy.

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Neither the Prime Minister nor Mr Davis was available for comment as apparently they were both in the West End taking advantage of a two-for-one cinema offer.

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