Internet misogynists confident they can blame women for this whole Weinstein thing

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The noble warriors of Internet misogyny are looking to turn another sexual assault case around onto the heads of women.

The mission comes following revelations that a fat sack of shit named Harvey Weinstein made sexual advances on many actresses throughout his career.

“Yeah, but they were asking for it really, weren’t they?” offered senior misogynist, Simon Williams.

“They spoke to him, and they were within ten feet. If that doesn’t say ‘come and get it’ then I don’t know what does.

“Besides, some of them were given very lucrative film roles in exchange for a bit of slap and tickle. No idea why they’re complaining; sex and a role in a movie? That’s a pretty good day in my book.

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“We’ll start off with that for the comment threads, that should tell the world where we’re coming from.”

Simon’s mother said, “it is difficult to be proud of him, yes.

“I’ve tried telling him that the responsibility in that situation is with the man who holds the keys to the young actor’s career, and not the wide-eyed girl in front of him desperate to land one of the comparatively few roles for women in Holly wood, but he just tuts and slams the door on me.

“I’m this close to kicking him out of the basement.”