Facebook woman likes her children

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A Chelmsford woman has taken to Facebook in order to declare a fondness for her children.

Emily Bunion, a 40-year-old mother of three, posted a photo featuring three minors, thought to be her own, with the accompanying message – ‘Love you three nutters’.

The minors were all contorting their faces for what is thought to be an amusing effect.

The photograph also contained an older male, possibly Mr Bunion, husband to Mrs Bunion and father to the children in question.

Mrs Bunion’s feeling toward the male are unknown as no clarifying Facebook message has yet been posted.

Mrs Bunion’s affection for the three children appears to have been well-received, with the post garnering 4 ‘likes’ in as many hours.

The children in question though, whilst all being regular Facebook users, have, as yet, made no comment on the picture.

Whilst there is no suggestion that they are in any danger and that Mrs Bunion’s post is some sort of elaborate diversionary tactic to steer authorities away from some unspecified plight, there is some speculation as to why Mrs Bunion chose this moment to post the picture.

It is currently unknown the last time the Bunion children were seen in public.