Donald Trump challenges Eminem to rap battle

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Donald Trump has challenged artist Eminem to a rap battle after the rapper launched an expletive-filled freestyle attack on the president.

Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, ripped into Trump, ending with “We f***ing hate Trump.”

Now, the president has called out Eminem, saying, “I have much, much better rhymes than he does.

“It’s true, everybody says so. The complexity of rap is something I fully understand because of my incredible IQ. Nobody else is able to come close to me.”

The rap battle is to take place on national TV, where the two will take turns to freestyle against each other.

Trump added, “I’ll attract the greatest crowd ever. It will be like ten thousand Live Aids. I can’t help people being so attracted to me. I am the most popular president that there has ever been. Everyone says so.”

When asked for a sample some of his lyrics, Trump said, “I can’t tell you, but we do have a great plan, a very great plan indeed. I have the best people working on this, and of course, I know words – the best words. The world will see, I promise you that.”