Darth Trump revealed in new Star Wars trailer

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The new Star Wars film will see Rey and Finn go up against the ultimate evil.

Darth Trump, a bumbling Sith Lord surrounded by compliant but generally competent staff, will bring terror to the galaxy with a new and terrifying space station known as “The Wall”.

“There are some fine folks on the dark side, there really are, believe me,” says Darth Trump, in a line from the film’s trailer.

“And those folks are gonna help me build a wall. The greatest wall the galaxy has ever seen. And it will be fully operational by the time your friends arrive. Sad.”

The film will see Rey and the gang (for fuck’s sake, Lucas, it’s not Scooby Doo – editor) throw everything they can at Trump’s evil empire and expose him for the madman he is.

“But they will underestimate the support for Trump throughout the empire,” said producer, Simon Williams.

“Eventually they’ll realise they can’t overthrow Trump via any kind of conventional means, and they’re going to have to slice him to bits with a lightsabre.

“There will be a massive space fight which the rebels appear to be losing, but then backup will miraculously arrive in the form of a space armada from the Huffington Post.”