Hopes raised of second referendum after Theresa May categorically rules it out

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Pro-Europeans campaigning for a second referendum have received a major boost after Prime Minister Theresa May explicitly ruled it out.

Mrs May, who previously ruled out calling a snap election shortly before calling a snap election, said, “We’re not having another referendum, and that’s absolutely crucial.”

The statement was greeted enthusiastically by campaigners calling for a vote on the final Brexit deal.

“Theresa May unequivocally dismissing the prospect of a second referendum is the clearest indication yet that there will be a second referendum,” said a spokesperson for Open Britain.

There was gloomier news for the millions of people in the UK who are struggling to make ends meet after Mrs May insisted she wanted to help them.

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“When the Conservatives talk about focusing on ‘ordinary people’ it sounds very much like a threat,” said ordinary person Simon Williams.