Harvey Weinstein welcomed with great fanfare into the Republican Party

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The legendary film producer has received plaudits from GOP members who believe he has now proven that he has what it takes to become a party grandee and a senatorial candidate.

MAGA cap wearer and call centre employee Jake Williams said the recent news about Mr Weinstein alleged sexual abuse of young actresses made him examine his own prejudices.

“I’ll be honest, before the accusations came out, I had dismissed him as a typical Jewish elitist liberal.

“So when the news broke that he was a vicious lecher who abused his power to treat women as mere objects, I felt guilty that I had prejudged him.

“But now, I really hope he runs for political office. He holds dear the belief that money gives him the right to blackmail young women into debasing themselves with him. That makes him a winner in my eyes.”

Asked if Harvey Weinstein was qualified to become a governor or a congressman, Mr Williams was highly enthusiastic.

“He has the most important qualification of all. He angers people like that bitch Vanessa who ratted me out to HR just because I felt her up at the office Christmas party. I had to do a course and I’m still on probation. So now I try to give legal immunity to the kind of sexual predators I wish I could be.”

Mr Williams then excused himself as he had to go and buy as many bump stocks as he could before the “PC snowflakes ban them.”