White House aides sweating as Trump attempts to pronounce ‘Niger’ on live TV

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Following a deadly attack in Niger in which three US soldiers died, White House officials are bracing themselves for President Trump’s televised comments on the matter.

With Trump expected to address reporters later today, he has reportedly received an extensive briefing from his chief-of-staff John Kelly about the incident, mostly about how to pronounce the name of the West African country correctly.

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders confirmed, “After last month’s fiasco in which the President accidentally said ‘Nambia’ instead of an actual African country – Namibia? Zambia? Who knows? – we will not be taking any chances this time.

“We’ve gone over it several times in the hope that he won’t accidentally spew out the kind of language he probably would have used a lot in the company of his old friend and former KKK boss David Duke.

“But when it comes to it, it’ll be a case of just hoping for the best and getting ready to cut quickly away from him and onto something less controversial, like the NFL. Hang on, that’s no good either.

“Oh heck. Let’s just hope he thinks it’s called Nigel.”