Everyone in internet ‘Gold Digger Exposed’ video mysteriously wearing a microphone

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A video in which an attractive woman in a bikini top refuses to speak to a man until he reveals he owns a sports car has gone viral, giving rise to several awkward questions about its authenticity.

Popular YouTube channel WomenRDreadful posted the allegedly hilarious ‘prank’ video where the attractive woman is exposed as being motivated only by money.

“It was brilliant, it confirmed everything I’ve ever thought about women,” said 32-year-old neckbeard Simon Williams.

“The audio was really crisp and clear as well – even the woman who was being ‘pranked’, you could hear her as clear as day, the gold-digging whore.

“I expect that’s because they were using a really cool camera that can pick up sound from over 50 feet away, and not because she was an actress wearing a microphone as part of a rigged video designed to appeal to my lowest estimations of women.

“She talked funny as well, like she was trying to act but wasn’t really a trained actress which is why she was saying things that people would never normally say, such as, ‘Oh wow look at that car, I will definitely talk to you now’, which I assume is how all women behave. I’ve never actually met one.”

Simon’s mother said, “He’s being taken in by an obviously fake video because he’s so desperate to believe women are dreadful, rather than the fact that his personality is repellent to them.

“No, of course I’m not proud of him.”