Future of post-Brexit business completely safe in the calm, modest hands of The Apprentice candidates

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Concerns over the future of business in Britain post-Brexit have been allayed after witnessing the brilliant business acumen of the latest round of completely capable candidates on The Apprentice.

The BBC’s annual round-up of the smartest minds in UK business is again showcasing a group of calm, modest, reflective individuals who are always keen to put the interests of the team above their own.

In yesterday’s episode the teams were given the task of making burgers before selling them on the street; a task which they undertook with the measured, rational approach viewers have come to expect of the contestants and in no way ended up with most of them madly tearing up and down the streets of London almost force-feeding second-rate burgers into the reluctant mouths of passers-by.

Television owner and The Apprentice addict Simon Williams posted his thoughts on social media, saying, “These candidates are the best yet, and have reassured me that if they are anything to go by, the future of British business, especially as we move into more international dealings post-Brexit, is in safe hands.

“Assuming of course that our future trade deals are exclusively going to be based on other countries wanting to be sold cheap burgers made by ambitious twenty-somethings who have no idea what they are doing.”

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As usual, Lord Sugar provided witticisms and clever put-downs in equal measures throughout the episode, proving once again that he is as much a comedian as he is a relevant businessman.