Tory Party Conference nominated for British Comedy Award

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The organisers of the Conservative Party Conference are today celebrating the news that they’ve been nominated in the Best British Farce category at the prestigious British Comedy Awards.

Chair of the judging panel Simon Williams told reporters that the conference “Had everything a comedy connoisseur could wish for, from the black comedy of the brilliantly choreographed P45 routine to the slapstick of the broken signage.

“Theresa May’s individual performance was a masterclass in near silent clowning, channelling the best aspects of Mr Bean and Pingu. However, this classic British farce was very much a team effort and that’s what this nomination recognises.”

A Tory party spokesman said, “We are of course absolutely delighted that finally someone understands what we were doing. Many sections of the media have mocked recent events, believing them to be the cock-ups of incompetent pricks not fit to run a bath, let alone the country. What they were witnessing was in fact comedy genius of the very highest order.

“We Conservatives like a laugh you know. Young people should definitely vote for us, what with us having such a fantastic sense of humour and everything.”

He added that “French farce has dominated for too long; now that we’re leaving the EU it’s the perfect time to show that the British are among the greatest in the world when it comes to buffoonery.”

Best British Farce nominations in full:

  • Conservative Party Conference
  • Brexit negotiations
  • Southern Rail timetable
  • Ryanair customer care
  • NHS quick response times