‘You call this Heaven? You should visit the Playboy mansion’, Hugh Hefner tells St Peter

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After having a good look around, Hugh Hefner has told St Peter that if he really wants to make his place heavenly, he has a few recommendations he might like to consider.

Just hours after the 91-year-old Playboy founder died, he was seen in quiet conversation with St Peter offering him sound advice on how to improve the ambience in his new home.

As one heavenly witness told us, “Hugh has explained that the pyjamas could be better quality, and asked if Heaven has considered Italian suppliers.

“He’s also mentioned that maybe the angels would be more welcoming if they were in a bow-tie and bunny ears instead of what is essentially a big smock.

“Right now St Peter has headed off to ask the boss about the policy surrounding the use of Viagra up here. Meanwhile, Hugh has been asking around to see if anyone has seen Marilyn Monroe.

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“He’s already got a dozen of the younger angels following him around, with a couple of beautiful ones on either arm. It’s almost like his life on earth somehow left him perfectly prepared for life up here.”

Some people have been left surprised that Hefner found himself in heaven, having led a life that on the outside appeared to exploit attractive young women. However, St Peter was quick to point to Hefner’s outspoken defence of human rights, gay marriage, civil rights and conservation in nature as examples of the good he did through his foundation.

He added, “If you’re judging him only by his magazine’s centre-fold reputation, then you didn’t know the man.”

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