We need to talk about The Canary, it’s listed as a speaker at a Ku Klux Klan rally

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Fake news website The Canary has caused outrage this afternoon after it was revealed to be on a list of speakers at an upcoming KKK rally.

The left-wing propagandist organisation has shocked many after it was listed as a speaker at the event organised by the Ku Klux Klan(screenshot is shown below because a screenshot makes this all very true indeed).

“What are we supposed to make of this,” asked one critic of the pro-Corbyn website, “they’re supposed to be left-wing yet here they are in an image basically supporting the KKK. It’s shameful and they should be sacked or something. Definitely.”

Responding to critics, a ‘reporter’ for the Canary told us, “They asked someone from our site to speak at the rally, yes, because apparently they appreciate our approach to dealing with facts, but we said no, obviously – I mean, who in our position would agree to speak at a KKK rally?

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“Wait, people are still reporting that we’re listed as an ‘invited’ speaker? That’s crazy. What sort of spin would you have to put on a story like that to make it seem like we did something wrong?

“You would have to have the journalistic integrity of the Daily Mail to criticise someone for saying ‘no’ to doing something, then pretending they’d said ‘yes’ to doing it.

“After all, fake news and media bias only happens on the right end of the political spectrum.

“Yes, it does, shut up, SHUT UP!”

We reached out to The Canary for an official comment, but we’ve no idea if they responded, or even if we actually asked them – we might not have done, who knows – because this is what passes for journalism these days.

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