Ryanair plane spotted actually in air

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The flight industry was left stunned after reports emerged that a Ryanair plane had been spotted actually in the air, leading to the staggering conclusion that they must have been able to organise flying a plane from one place to another.

Ryanair is a low-cost airline currently best known for explaining to people why they can’t go on holiday and making Southern Rail look like a well-run transport company.

The unlikely airborne Ryanair plane was spotted by pilot, Tom Andrews.

“Well, it freaked me out, it really did,” said Mr Andrews, who had been flying from Heathrow to Glasgow.

“I mean, I looked around, and was like ‘Wow! What the hell was that?’ I mean, when you’re up in the air, the last thing you expect to see is a Ryanair plane, you know, ‘flying’. It’s unheard of.”

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Ryanair Chief Executive and total prick Michael O’Leary has blamed the disruption on pilots having the temerity to take their contractually agreed holidays and not catastrophic mismanagement at the corporate level by profit-hungry bastards.

Ryanair has made it clear that they will be happy to offer a refund to all passengers affected by their inability to fly airplanes.

There would, of course, be a small refund surcharge payable by the passenger for the processing of the refund application.

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