Jared Kushner conducted government business through the ‘right kind’ of private email server, insists Trump

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The President’s son-in-law conducted government business on behalf of the White House using the correct sort of private email server, according to a Trump spokesperson today.

After news broke that Jared Kushner had been using a private, non-government email service to conduct government business, Trump officials said this was very different to when Hillary did it, and they all wanted to put her in jail.

Chuck Williams, an assistant to the press secretary told us, “These cases could not be more different because that was then, and this is now. A year has passed, and we really think everyone needs to move on from worrying about how our government officials communicate with people, and what they say in those communications.

“The liberal media will have you believe this is a perfect example of Donald Trump having double standards, but it absolutely is not. There are major differences here, the big one being Hillary was crooked, and Jared is a stand-up guy.

“Plus Christmas dinner with the family would be a bit awkward if Donald called for Jared to be locked up for doing what Hillary did.”

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Security experts have said that using a private mail service is not in itself inherently risky, and is actually really useful if you’re doing stuff you don’t want federal prosecutors to read.

As one explained, “I dunno, they lied about meeting Russians, then they lied about meeting to get info from those Russians that could help them against Hillary. I just think it might be better if they agree to put everything through their government email account, so it’s easier to collate the evidence at their inevitable trial.”

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