Consumers warned against black market ‘street’ Jaffa Cakes after McVities cut size of a pack

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A reduction in the number in a box announced by McVities has created a black market in cut-price ‘street’ Jaffa Cakes, we can reveal.

Some users are also claiming the size of the popular cakes has also shrunk, and organised crime gangs have already moved to fill demand from people craving a hit of the good stuff.

Health watchdogs have warned of the dangers of buying street Jaffa Cakes after finding a shipment of home-made cakes where the filling had been cut with red diesel to make supplies go further.

Truckloads of cheap Chinese Jaffa Cake knockoffs made from circles cut in ceiling tiles have been seized at Dover, although according to reports some shipments have got through and are much nicer than Tesco own-brand.

Elsewhere, reports are coming in of gangs bulk-buying packets before the reduction comes into effect to profiteer from desperate students after a night on the weed.

McVities defended the change, saying it was a stark choice between putting the price up or cutting the number.

“We told a focus group we were thinking of putting the price up, and our researcher was lucky only to be tarred and feathered, so fewer cakes in a pack really is the easier option,” they told us.