Government to make Brexit more popular with rebrand to Brexity McBrexitface

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In an attempt to reignite enthusiasm for the UK leaving the EU, Brexit will be rebranded Brexity McBrexitface.

According to a recent survey, Brexit is currently only supported by the BNP, an insane old Colonel with a shotgun and Boris Johnson.

Theresa May has no feelings on the matter due to her inability to have feelings.

“Look, despite no-one thinking this is any sort of a good idea, we’ve got to do it,” said Whitehall mandarin Simon Williams.

“What we now need to do is drum up some sort of support for the whole catastrophe. Now, we noticed recently that people like things to be called Somethingy Mcsomethingface.

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“Boaty McBoatface, Planey Mcplaneface, Namingcompetitiony McNamingcompetionface, people love this sort of thing. Which says an awful lot about people.

“So, if we change it to Brexity McBrexitface then we think the public will warm to the whole idea again and have a bit of a laugh and forget that it’s going to torpedo the economy and turn Britain into the sort of country that Boris Johnson thinks would be a nice place to live.”

It is understood that the rebrand will not lower foreign opinion of the UK as it is impossible for foreign opinion of the UK to be any lower.

David Davis will continue Brexity McBrexitface talks tomorrow.

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