Bake Off praised for squeezing in some cooking between the adverts

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Producers of The Great British Bake Off have been praised for squeezing a bit of cooking between the adverts in last night’s show.

The show, which returned last night, showcased almost an hour of glitzy, high-concept adverts with occasional breaks for a minute or two of baking.

Fans of Oak Furniture Warehouse were delighted by both the number of times they got to see their favourite adverts, and Sandi Toksvig’s presentation style.

Meanwhile what appeared to be an advert for Cuprinol woodstain turned out to be Paul Hollywood between several inches of fake tan.

“The adverts were great,” said fan Simon Williams. “Informative, entertaining, thoughtful. I’m really glad I tuned in to see so many.

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“I suppose you had to have occasional breaks to hear about boring old cookery, but then -Bam! – right back to the latest finance deals on a new Honda.

“With any luck next week it’ll be wall-to-wall adverts.

“They’ll only have to dump about five minutes of flans and soggy bottoms to make that happen.”

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