Ann Coulter offers to send lesbian politicians to drought affected areas

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Ann Coulter has insisted that God’s wrath can be used to help the most drought affected areas of the world, simply by shipping elected lesbian officials to the driest locations.

After claiming it was more likely that God was punishing Houston with downpours for electing a lesbian Mayor, than the ‘once in 500-years’ storm being caused by global warming, Coulter said we should use God’s disdain for homosexuals to our advantage.

She told reporters, “Don’t try and twist my words, all I’m saying is that it’s quite likely that God hates gays, and that he also sends lots of rain to wherever it is that they are elected to office.

“People often say I am racist and don’t care about foreigners and immigrants, but this policy is aimed at helping these immigrants stay where they are, by sending them some homosexual-infused rain.

“I don’t see what the fuss is? Why can’t we send a few dozen lesbians around the world to be mayor of umbongo-bongo land, or wherever it is that’s suffering a drought at the moment?

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“These are some of the most arid places on earth, and American lesbians can help them find water with the use of their eternally-damned immoral lifestyles.

“They might well technically be an abomination according to the Bible, they clearly have their uses.”

Political analysts say that Coulter’s suggestion could find significant backing amongst Republican hardliners and the alt-right.

Washington consultant Chuck Williams told us, “It’s an idea that sees homosexuals shipped abroad and makes third-world countries more habitable meaning fewer immigrants heading to the United States.  It’s literally a win-win.”