British Olympian Colin Jackson comes out as Welsh

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Colin Jackson, the BBC pundit and former Olympic Silver medallist, has sent shockwaves through the athletics community by revealing he is actually Welsh.

The former world champion hurdler made the revelation in an interview on Swedish TV, saying that he had not made the news public previously to avoid the topic being ‘sensationalised’, but that the time was now right for his British supporters people to know the truth.

The announcement has surprised his fans and fellow athletes, many of whom had assumed that the softly spoken and incredibly fit British athlete was merely an Englishman with a slight speech impediment.

English athletics fan Simon Williams told us, “I must say, I had always suspected that something was a bit different about Colin.

“He’s a great athlete, don’t get me wrong, and we’re so proud of the medals he has brought home – well, back to Britain anyway – but something seemed a little different about him. But I’d always ignored that and just assumed he was one of us, you know? Proper British, an Englishman through and through.

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“When someone is wearing British kit you just assume they are English like you or me. I guess it has taught me a lesson not to make assumptions – people can’t help where they are born, so why should anyone hold that against them?”

Colin Jackson has expressed relief after the revelation, telling reporters, “It feels so good to get it off my chest. I’ve had a few hateful comments about sheep or close harmony singing here and there, but generally, everyone has been really supportive.

“It’s given me more confidence to approach the next step, which will be to come out as black.

“Still, one step at a time.”