“I’m an eclipse!” tweets Trump

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The President of the United States has adorably claimed to be an eclipse in a widely-shared tweet today.

Speaking in his delightfully simple-minded way, Trump enthusiastically told the world that he’s “an eclipse!”, this being just the latest of his outlandish claims – which include being a cowboy, a successful businessman, and loved by his wife.

Fans of the long-running Trump show chuckled at his latest absurd non-sequitur and wondered what peculiar antics the character will get up to next.

However, some are saying that the Trump character is ‘tired’ and writers should drop him next season as he’s just become a string of ridiculous quotes and situations with no apparent theme or arc.

“Alternatively they should just cancel the Trump series entirely as it stopped being funny years ago,” we were told.

Continuing to Tweet, Trump went on to say “Hillary won the popular vote? That’s unpossible!” and “The leprechaun told me to unleash fire and fury on things!”

The President’s aides then took his phone off him and told him it was time for bed and sleep.

“Sleep!” He cried with excitement before scampering off. “That’s where I’m popular!”