Vietnam helicopter pilot charged with disability benefit fraud after being found working as soldier of fortune

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It was revealed on Thursday that Captain H. M. Murdoch from Wakefield claimed thousands of pounds in Employment and Support Allowance while also working with a team of war criminals as a cash-in-hand soldier of fortune.

Murdock, who has for years claimed severe mental health problems, was repeatedly been filmed receiving large sums of money in return for work – money that he failed to declare to the authorities.

The court was told Murdock was medically discharged from the army and had been diagnosed as having post-traumatic stress disorder, but exaggerated his mental condition to claim more than £6,000 in benefits.

The alleged work involved crashing helicopters, firing AK47s wildly over barrels and shooting cabbages from a modified wood chipper.

However, before sentencing, he escaped custody while a handsome man distracted the female guard and a master of disguise pretended to be the judge and helped him flee over the wall by inflating bin bags with a hair dryer.

Police saw a black 1983 GMC Vandura van with a red stripe wheel spinning away from the scene.

In an unrelated case, he is also charged with drugging his accomplice, Mr Baracus, with a milkshake and a burger on at least two separate occasions.

If you can find him, and no one else can help, police are advising you do not approach the offender and call the authorities.