Wednesday 23 August 2017

Donald Trump tells adoring crowd at Phoenix rally ‘I can’t be racist, because I’m black’

Donald Trump claims he is black

Donald Trump has been accused of misleading the American people once again after he told an adoring crowd that he is a black man.

Addressing fans in Phoenix, Arizona, the President explained that the fake news lying media had been making him out to be a racist, which is impossible because he himself is African American.

“Growing up black in America, I know what racism is, and I don’t see it when I look in the mirror,” he explained, to cheers from the crowd hanging on his every word.

“You can’t trust the fake news media, they will say anything to make me look bad, but you great people here know the truth, because I can give it to you, right here, and on social media, I never tell lies. The media lies.

“When I say I grew up black in the slums of New York, and that I faced discrimination my whole life, you know that’s the truth because I am saying the words to you now. do not trust the lying media who will try and distort what I say with images of me being white and evidence like my birth certificate.

“Do not trust the lying media who will try and distort what I say with images of me being white, and things like my birth certificate.

“Birth certificates don’t mean anything, trust me.”

Rally attendee Chuck Williams said that he was delighted to have heard the truth, straight from the President’s mouth, telling us, “I would never have guessed Donald Trump was black, but now I know that he is, I can not believe the fake news media is accusing him of being racist.

“Picking on a black man like that, it’s just so… racist.”

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