UK to completely remove itself from ECJ jurisdiction by remaining within ECJ jurisdiction

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The UK government’s long awaited plans regarding extricating itself from the European Court of Justice’s jurisdiction have been released today.

In a bold and unforeseen move that will delight Brexiters everywhere, the UK government proposes to ensure ECJ rulings will no longer be applied “directly” to the UK, but rather indirectly via a third party like the EFTA court.

Speaking today, Justice Minister Domonic Raab said, “Our plans are clear, we will fully extricate ourselves from the jurisdiction of the ECJ and the bureaucracy associated with it by adding additional layers on top of what we already have, to disguise the fact that in all but name will are still under the jurisdiction of the ECJ.”

Prominent brexiter John Redwood, said, “I am absolutely delighted. Brexit was all about taking back control of our lawmaking and stopping brown people coming into our country.

“This proposal deals with the first issue by ensuring we will no longer be subservient to the tyrannical European Court of Human Rights, by adding a thinly veiled and costly additional layer of bureaucracy. That’s the true British way.”

When asked about why he referred to the ECHR rather than the ECJ, Redwood replied, “Whatever, ECJ, ECHR, they’re both the same thing aren’t they?”

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