Killer robots to herald “end of society as we know it” by repeatedly voting for right-wing leaders

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Killer robots driven by artificial intelligence could bring about the end of the world as we know it by repeatedly voting Tory, according to futurologists.

As leaders in the technology industry claim improvements in artificial intelligence could see killer robots destroy our way of life, there has been a clarification for those who assumed this would be through advanced weaponry.

Futurologist Simon Williams told us, “It’s sometimes baffling to us scientists that humans will repeatedly vote against their own self-interest, but as the demise of the human race will likely be the aim of any future killer robots, this is how they will do it without firing a single bullet.

“Let’s assume we somehow manage to implement Isaac Asimov’s first law, and they can’t directly harm a human – they could still end the world by repeatedly voting for right-wing populist movements who’ll do the job for them.

“If you’ve ever seen Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams, you’ll know that eventually these robots will be considered human, and then they’ll get the vote, and then they’ll destroy the human race by repeatedly electing far-right nutjobs advocating policies that incrementally make our society that little bit worse.

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“Two or three generations in, and we’ll be gone almost entirely; the few of us who manage to survive will be back to living in caves, scrambling out a meagre existence as the robots repeatedly elect governments with policies like cutting health care and building walls between different societies.

“And the best part? There will still be people in the caves who will thank them for it.”