Going blind from staring directly at the sun is a myth, insists Trump

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Donald Trump has defended his decision to look directly at the sun yesterday, insisting the claim that doing so could damage your eyesight is no more than a hoax made up by the Chinese and a handful of stupid scientists.

The President of the United States and self-declared ‘smart guy’ was witnessed looking directly at the sun with no eye protection during yesterday’s eclipse, leading many to question his reason for doing so despite all scientific and medical advice to the contrary.

Defending his actions, Donald Trump addressed White House press this morning saying, “I’ve heard a lot of people saying I should not have looked at the sun yesterday, because it could be bad for me.

“Well, you know what is bad for me? The Chinese making up crap about the environment and fake news scientists, with their agenda to destroy American industry by going on about ‘rising global temperatures’ this, and ‘irreparable retinal damage’ that.”

He explained, “Any fool knows that the eclipse is when the Sun is covered up, so you can’t go blind. Looking at something dark doesn’t hurt you, does it? I’ve never met anyone who has been blinded by looking at an eclipse, and even if you manage to find someone willing to lie and say they have then that is fake news being deceitful again.”

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He added, “Any other questions? No, didn’t think so”, then walked off the stage and straight into a potted plant, before colliding with the doorframe on his way out.