Jeremy Corbyn’s Edinburgh Fringe show to take down the government using the power of interpretive dance

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The Labour Party has confirmed that Jeremy Corbyn’s sold-out appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe is part of a broader strategy to blend politics and performance arts.

Mr Corbyn’s show, People In Movements, is a presentation of the ideological positions of Tony Benn through contemporary jazz dance.

Labour spokesman and choreographer Simon Williams explained that the Fringe show will be the first public implementation of Jeremy Corbyn’s new political tactic.

“The show is mainly to make the public aware of our new direction. Pretty soon, we will ensure all aspects of Party life have an artistic component to them.

“We’re looking forward to PMQs. No more childish jeering. From now on it’s expressive synchronicity. When one of our MPs makes a great point, all Labour backbenchers will sway and proffer their palms to them.

“When Theresa May sets out another attack on the working class, we will all fling our arms in the air, wail then drop to a foetal position. It’s show time!”

Other Labour figures are embracing their inner artists. Emily Thornberry recently stunned Tate Modern visitors with a guerrilla performance of her slam poetry piece, ‘Tampon Tax Blood Money’, a work hailed by the Huffington Post as “45 minutes of fierce menstrual empowerment”.

Not all politicians see the Edinburgh Fringe as a path to power. Alex Salmond’s sold-out show will not mention devolution or the EU. Instead, punters will be treated to two hours of ribald jokes and some hilarious, albeit NSFW, songs accompanied by his trademark yellow banjolele.