Friday 4 August 2017

England women’s football team finally achieve equality with disappointing male counterparts

England women's football team lose semi-final

England’s women footballers have finally achieved an equal standing with their male counterparts, after their disappointing semi-final defeat at the Euro 2017 championships.

For many years, the women’s team has been seen as the poor relation to the men’s side after a series of exciting displays, skilful individuals, and successful teams.

However, after losing 3-0 to the Dutch in a semifinal they were expected to win, the women can now finally claim to be as thoroughly disappointing as the men.

Football fan Simon Williams told us, “I’ve never been a fan of women’s football – all that skill, teamwork, attractive females – it’s never really been my thing.

“But if I’m offered the chance to moan for 90 minutes about how crap my team is, then of course I’m in!”

“I’m all for ‘womens lib’ so I’m glad that the women have finally found the perfect way to be treated exactly like their male counterparts.”

England manager Mark Sampson spoke of his pride in seeing the women’s team finally achieve parity with the men’s senior side.

He told reporters, “We’ve worked really hard to bring our performance levels down to something close to what you get from the men’s side – and I think the players deserve all the credit for that.

“But please don’t think our work here is done. Far from it. Just you wait until you see how disappointing we can be when the World Cup comes around.”

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