Children excited to learn there are just eight more White House Communications Directors till Christmas

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Children across the country have begun getting excited after learning there are now just eight White House Communications Directors until Christmas.

Despite the festive season feeling like quite a long way away, the realisation that it’s actually only a handful of White House Communications Directors has seen children busily making their lists for Santa.

9-year-old Jack Williams told us, “Normally I don’t make my Christmas list until I’ve been back at school for at least a few weeks, but then someone said Scaramucci had already gone, and it we were now only a few more replacements until Christmas.

“Then I realised how close we are, and I started making lists of toys and games and stuff.

“Now I even watch the news with my parents excited to hear if Santa is that little bit closer to coming to visit.

“To be honest, with only eight more White House Communications Directors to go until Christmas, I wouldn’t rule out Trump literally making Christmas come early this year.”